I’ve always wondered how these signs get painted.
It turns out it’s just talented freehand

-Reddit.com user halps32 (see post here)


Information and Locations

Better Letters organises practical, fun and creative hand-lettering workshops. These provide the opportunity to learn from leading figures in the world’s signwriting/lettering community.

I am involved in a number of workshops throughout Europe, where you can find me sharing my passion.

If you would like to find out more information, please follow the link below.

June 3 – 4 (2017)

June 10 – 11, 15 (2017)

June 17 – 18 (2017)

July 1 – 2 (2017)
Antwerp Belgium

Date TBD (2017)
Korcula, Croatia


Cheryl McLean | My Story


Award Winning Blackboard Artist

From the time I learnt to read and write, I have had a love of beautiful lettering; this, inspired by my architect grandfather who mesmerised me as a child, as I watched him create beautiful copperplate lettering with pen and ink.

I studied to enter the world of signwriting, back in the 90’s, and started my own business mostly doing hand-painted signage on shop windows. I was never more happy than with a brush in hand!!

The requests for handwritten blackboards began coming in and Blackboard Art was born. Every job became a work of art with bright illustrations and colourful lettering and the trend nowadays is more of a streamlined sophistication, with minimal illustration.

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