About Me | Cheryl McLean

From the time I learnt to read and write, I have had a love of beautiful lettering; this, inspired by my architect grandfather who mesmerised me as a child, as I watched him create beautiful copperplate lettering with pen and ink.

I studied to enter the world of signwriting, back in the 90’s, and started my own business mostly doing handpainted signage on shop windows. I was never more happy than with a brush in hand!!

I was greatly inspired by the beautiful work I saw in Signcraft magazine which features work by talented sign artists from all over the world as well as giving practical tips and articles on running a business too!

The requests for handwritten blackboards began coming in and Blackboard Art was born. Every job became a work of art with bright illustrations and colourful lettering and the trend nowdays is more of a streamlined sophistication, with minimal illustration.

I now have hundreds of clients all over Sydney. I love to work with my clients, creating a look that suits their venue. I love to see the smiles on their faces when they see the finished product. But what gives me the greatest joy is that my work actually brings in more business for the client.

I have been called back by clients time and time again to do more boards and they tell me how much more successful their business has become since they had their boards done professionally.

Professionally done boards change the way customers view the business. As several of my clients have told me, if the boards look professional, so does their business – the food, the staff, the cleanliness etc.

I also do private commissions including Engagements and weddings.


Handpainted Signage and Blackboards

My artwork can bring your business more business

Creating art consisting of bright illustrations and colourful lettering or streamlined sophistication with minimal illustration.