About Me | Cheryl McLean

As a small child I remember standing beside my Grandfather’s writing desk watching him create beautiful copperplate lettering with pen and ink. Watching the flow of the ink from that nib, and the patterns and letters he created was mesmerising…. and so, from the time I learnt to read and write, I have had a love of beautiful lettering.

After doing a formal signwriting course for 2 years back in the 90’s, I started my own business – mostly doing hand-painted signage on shop windows. I was never more happy than with a brush in hand and clothes covered in paint !!

One day, someone asked me to do two large illustrated blackboards. I had no idea where to start, but I said yes anyway. Panic mode set in, and after much research, experimentation and picking the brains of signwriter friends, I tackled my first blackboard job. I must have done something right, because more and more requests started coming in for hand written blackboards. Eventually, I found myself specialising in what turned out to be a niche market … and “Blackboard Art” was born !!

Every job became a work of art with bright illustrations and colourful lettering. Digital printing on vinyl just can’t compete with a professionally hand drawn blackboard. The requests for blackboards has never diminished.

I have been called back by clients time and time again to update and do more boards, as they tell me how much more successful their business has become since they had their boards done professionally. Quality hand-drawn boards change the way customers view the business. I now have hundreds of clients all over Sydney.

I love to work with my clients, creating a look that suits their venue. I love to see the smiles on their faces when they see the finished product. But what gives me the greatest joy is that my work actually helps their businesses grow.

I also love to do private commissions including murals, engagements and weddings.


Handpainted Signage and Blackboards

My artwork can bring your business more business

Creating art consisting of bright illustrations and colourful lettering or streamlined sophistication with minimal illustration.